Do you long for clarity?
A sense of peace?
My clients find inner strength and physical healing.
They connect to a loving higher power and their life's purpose.
Are you ready to trust in the universe?
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These sessions are designed to call in your own intuitive wisdom and open pathways to unprecedented success. You'll receive messages from Spirit and soul instruction. Your session may include an energy clearing, guided meditation, tarot and oracle card readings, crystal activations - and always a compassionate space for your journey.


Crystal healing sessions are deeply relaxing and healing on all levels. Raven uses channeled sound and laying-on of crystals in an on-body grid to clear blockages and restore harmony. Clients report a profound experience of peace and leaps in spiritual growth and physical healing! 


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How divination works

The history of tarot

The elements of a deck

How to do a layout

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You'll also get a personal mini reading, special discounts, and learn about mentorship. Covid safe or by Zoom. 



"This was the best reading I've ever gotten. She is highly intuitive and articulate. She packed quite a bit into our short time together. I was impressed with how much I got out of one session."

Karim S. / Educator

"Raven projects a level of confidence that feels warm and compassionate, and problem-solving with her has always felt collaborative. She allows the people she works with to feel a sense of ownership and responsibility. Being guided by her always feels safe and her focus seems to be building up others’ internal strength. "

Jorge Carpio / Architect

"The crystal healing with Raven brought me to a place of deep relaxation and visions. She is a skilled guide and has a strong graceful way of connecting us with the spirit and cosmic kingdom. Highly recommended. "

Cherie Kalisher / Acupuncture

"Raven embodies all the qualities of a masterful teacher; patience, passion and a thorough knowledge and wherewithal of her craft. Raven mentored me in the art of divination. My intuition began to spike in other realms as well, instilling a greater confidence of my presence on this earth. I highly recommend her to anyone. Her knowledge is vast and I feel I have only skimmed the surface. "

Evan S. / PT

"Excellent insight, beautiful spirit, and a deep sense of intuitive focus. Wonderful work. Thank you, Raven!"

Libby L. / Healer and Energy Worker


  • 16 month Mentorship in Crystals with Wiccan Healer Cebele

  • Former Instructor at Simple Mistic Miracles

  • 20 Years Experience in Certified Massage and Bodywork

  • BA in Religious Studies, Tulane University

  • Author of numerous articles and the biography "Full Circle: A Journey of Spiritual Transformation"